Saturday, April 3, 2010

(Grand)baby fever

I have four older siblings, and they all have a few kids of their own, mostly boys, ranging in age from 19 down to a couple of months. This has not stopped my mother from constantly asking for more grandchildren! As I mentioned before, she's commented repeatedly on how my wedding dress gives me room to hide a pregnancy. When my latest nephew was born, she called me up at eight in the morning and announced, "It's another boy! Tell your boyfriend you have to get pregnant right now, and it has to be a girl, and I don't want to hear any excuses!" When I showed her a baby photo of Don recently, the first thing she said was "That's what your babies will look like." Any time I complain of feeling sick or tired, she immediately asks if I'm pregnant... you get the idea.

My dad (who isn't my siblings' bio-dad, and so strictly speaking doesn't have any grandchildren of his own) has kept pretty quiet on this score... up to now. I was at my parents' house during the week for the Seder, which is a big ritual meal held on the first night of Passover. There's a reading during the Seder called the Four Questions, which is traditionally read by the youngest person at the table; so far the youngest person has always been me (my siblings aren't Jewish so they and their children don't come to the meal). Before I started to read the Four Questions this time, my dad suddenly got all emotional, and said that maybe one day soon I wouldn't be the youngest person at the Seder any more. I tried to laugh it off by pretending not to understand, but he insisted, "I mean you might have a baby! Maybe soon!"

My parents may not be subtle, but they are sweet. :)