Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Between friends

So, we thought about it. And although we really don't want everyone to know about our plans (beyond the fact that we'd like kids at some point), there is one person we realised I had to tell: my best friend.

I went out to lunch with her yesterday and I told her that we're planning to start TTC right after the wedding. She was excited and happy for us, and very amused at the fact that she's been making jokes about us having a baby for months without knowing that a baby was actually a realistic possibility. Although she was a little worried that this doesn't leave her enough time to learn to knit baby clothes; but I think she'll be fine on that front, heh.

It felt really good to tell her. I didn't like keeping secrets from her, and I really don't know how long I could have lied convincingly to someone who knows me so well and sees so much of me. I don't have to stress out over what to say when she offers me a coffee, and I don't have to conceal how much I've been thinking about baaaaabies for fear of seeming weird.

Also, it was fun to horrify her with tales of all the headwrecking advice I've been hearing: "Alcohol is bad for the baby. But so is the stress of not drinking! If you eat oily fish less than once a week, it's bad for the baby because it misses out on nutrients. But if you eat it more than once a week, it's bad for the baby because of all the mercury. And it goes on like this."


Honey B. said...

Aren't the advice tales horrific! I did 'research' on the internet, and my hair was about standing on end....lol

Betty said...

Haha yeah, my head was spinning! Seems like nobody can agree on anything...