Thursday, December 17, 2009

"My brain is like it has two sticks in it"

There's a brilliant post on Jezebel about things people did as kids that freaked out the adults around them. (The post is sparked by a not-at-all funny news story about an eight-year-old boy who got sent for psychological assessment after he drew himself as Jesus on the cross. Ugh. Sometimes kids just do weird or morbid things, and that doesn't actually mean they're insane, y'know?)

Be sure to check out the comments -- some choice quotes:

When I was about 8 I made a poster on the computer with a seashell border that said simply "Kill or Be Killed" and happily showed it to my mum. She was a bit freaked out and put it in a cupboard... I think my general non-chalance at the time was rather amusing - I coloured the shells Crayola "seafoam green" and thought it looked ever so pretty, but couldn't understand why my mum didn't appreciate it.
My cousin proudly announced to her Brownie troop that her (and my) uncle was going to be on America's Most Wanted. Which, while true, left out the very important fact that he was a sheriff being interviewed about an escaped murderer.  
I got sent to a "gifted" art program in elementary school by drawing lots of hooker pirates.

Is it wrong that one of the reasons I can't wait to have kids is that they'll hopefully do bizarre stuff like this?


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Pregtacular said...

Please, my kid is going to be totally weird. Hubs and I talk about it all the time--not only about the crazy stuff any child of ours would do but about how disappointed we would be if our kid turned out normal ::shudders::

So, no--it's not wrong to want kids with personality :)